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Military & Defence

Military cases are used every day by the Army, Navy, Air Force, Coast Guard, and Marines to protect and transport sensitive electronic equipment and weapons systems. They are durable, crush resistant, impact damage, watertight, dust proof, resistance to UV and corrosion,

The military industry unites with the commercial industry to provide a large variety of military materials, products and equipment. Such products or equipment include guns, ammunition, missiles, aircraft devices, equipment or parts, surveillance equipment, consumables, logistical systems, defense systems, lifesaving equipment and so much more. Due to millions of people depending on the military, it is imperative that all equipment and products be protected and able to withstand the most intense terrain and scenarios imaginable.

Due to varying requirements, we manufacture our Military Cases in a wide range of materials from aluminum to hard plastic and rotational molded plastic, There are wide selection of military cases are available for fast delivery, For delicate equipment requiring custom foam interiors or fully isolated rack-mounting systems, Our engineering department can design a case solution based on drawings, measurements, or from the equipment itself. To date, we have designed ammunition cases, field training cases, field desk cases, missile cases, radar system cases, satellite equipment cases, weapons system cases and more.