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EMS & First Responder

KASSICO first responders cases are a critical tool for First Responders, Emergency Services and Disaster Recovery, providing secure transport and storage. Our cases have been successfully deployed in many applications including: Fire rescue, land and air vehicles, mobile hospitals, emergency response units, Outdoor rescue and exploration, hazardous material transport, and ground communications.

Due to varying requirements, we manufacture our first responders Cases in a wide range of materials from aluminum and hard plastic, There are wide selection of rescue cases are available for fast delivery, For delicate equipment requiring custom foam interiors or fully isolated rack-mounting systems, Our engineering department can design a case solution based on drawings, measurements, or from the equipment itself.

Aluminum case is lighter weight and durable, hard plastic cases is waterproof, they all rugged enough to deploy in any environment, with integrated seals for protection from dust and water intrusion, sturdy frames and reliable, easy-to-operate latches. Many offer integrated stacking corners for additional stability for storing and transporting multiple cases.