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Custom Aluminum Boxes and Containers

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Custom Aluminum Boxes and Containers: Your Transport and Storage Solution

The popularity of aluminum crates, whether for private or commercial use, is at an all-time high. This owes much to aluminum's exceptional material properties, imbuing the crates with durability and robustness. Despite being lightweight, aluminum remains stable and resilient, even under extreme temperatures. Practical carrying handles crafted from unbreakable plastic adorn both the long and short sides of each aluminum box. Stackable and weatherproof, they surpass their plastic counterparts in terms of suitability. These boxes are rust-resistant, making them ideal for logistics and outdoor activities. Their hygiene factor is unmatched; easy to clean, KASSICO's aluminum boxes guarantee optimal transport for food and organic products. Furthermore, they adapt to temperature changes, ensuring your contents remain consistently fresh.

• Available standard sizes, customized sizes also can be made.
• Customized foam or EVA, or dividers
• Lightweight, Impact resistant and extremely durable,
• Waterproof, Fireproof, Dustproof and easy to clean.
• Anti-corrosion, Heat and cold resistance
• Rounded frame with high strength durability and stackable
• Stackable to save space by projection on lid edge.
• All-round beads and corner beads
• Lid Strap opens 90°
• Seal gasket helps dust and dirt.
• Two spring handles
• Prepared for cylinder lock and padlock
• Two hinges
• Transparent film protective on the cover.
• Welcome OEM & ODM, Can add customer's own logo, Accept MQD.