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Aluminum Flight Case VS Stainless Steel Flight Case

2022-09-26 10:48:54

                                                            Aluminum Flight Case VS Stainless Steel Flight Case

Among many flight case, aluminum flight case account for a large proportion. Compared with other flight case, the utilization rate of aluminumflight case is relatively high. Now, aluminum flight case and stainless steel have many applications in industry. The weight of aluminum alloy is much lighter than that of stainless steel. Considering the portability and air transportation quality, the aluminum flight case has an advantage in weight.

Secondly, the price of stainless steel is higher than that of aluminum alloy because of its cost. Therefore, in the absence of special functional requirements, the price of aluminum flight case is dominant. Many aluminum flight case can be non-magnetic. Compared with the magnetic problem of stainless steel aviation boxes, they are more widely used in this field.

flight case 2.jpgFor surface treatment, aluminum alloys are rich, including electrophoresis, spraying, anodizing, etc. This makes the aviation aluminum box more plastic in appearance, and the aluminum box has advantages in product aesthetics. There are many poor stainless steel manufacturers, mainly cutting corners on material thickness, composition, etc. As a result, the quality of stainless steel flight case varies greatly, while the quality of aluminum flight case is relatively stable.

In terms of flight case, aluminum flight case have many advantages over stainless steel cases. Of course, the stainless steel flight case also has its own advantages, and it is better than the aluminum case in terms of its strength and corrosion resistance. However, combined with price, beauty and other factors, aviation aluminum box is still a good choice. There are many things that can be transported by flight case, but the customer must pay attention to a comprehensive cleaning of the box before transporting leather products to ensure that there is no dust inside.

In addition, during storage, a layer of maintenance oil should be coated on the surface of leather products, so that the flight case for storing these leather products will not be damaged or dirty. In addition, it must be noted that when storing, the flight case should be placed in a ventilated place, and this place must be free of dirt and dust, because the absorption capacity of the flight case is very strong. Because there is a thin protective film on the surface of the flight case, you must use a soft cloth to wipe it, so that there will be no damage.

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