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Aluminum Tool Case

KASSICO provides professional aluminum tool case in many different variations. We have been offering a broad selection of cases for over 22 years,specializing in manufacturing all kinds of aluminum customized tool cases,   maintenance tool case and heavy duty tool case. Custom, made-to-measure production is the focus,allowing us to produce aluminum tool cases tailored to the needs and requirements of the user.
* All cases you need are customized equal to your requirements;
* High quality aluminum alloys and other raw materials purchased from best suppliers;
* Handles, locks, panels, foams are all in high quality and can be used for long term;
* Aluminum alloy and ABS material make our cases lighter yet more durable, sturdier and stronger.
* Feel free to contact us and we will reply as soon as possible.

KASSICO aluminum tool case has rugged exterior and padded interior make it ideal for test equipment and tools,Heavy duty protective corners make this hard tool case extra durable.

Tool Cases make jobs faster and much easier. Our aluminum tool cases allow for quick inventory and keep your tools organized in a systematic way so you can find your tools easily. They also make it easier to carry all the tools all at one time without spend time looking for tools and packing them anymore.