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Stackable Aluminum Boxes For Mobile Use and Home Storage

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Stackable aluminum boxes for mobile use, home storage
Extra low weight due to special profiles. Inexpensive entry-level boxes for all areas of life. Open to everything, they are ideal for storage in the outdoor, home, workshop or office.

All Series A boxes have the following properties:
• Special aluminum profile with replaceable rubber seal to protect against dust and splashing water
• Safety handles, self-folding and highly resilient. With hand-friendly plastic coating
• Embossed corner beads for high dimensional stability with low dead weight • Robust lever toggle fasteners with holes for padlocks or seals, as well as preparation for mounting cylinder locks (see accessories)
• Excellent protection against external influences such as splash water, moisture and dust

According to your special wishes for transport boxes, we manufacture the "tailor-made" aluminum box or aluminum crate for you.