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Heavy Duty Aluminum Ramp For Loading Excavators, Trailers, Tractors and Harvesters

Products Mode: KSC-HDR002
Material: Aluminum
Size: 1.6 to 4 meters
Capacity: 2 to 6 tons
Weight: 35KG/ 37KG per pair
Application: turck, vehicles, excavator, harvester
Carton: 160X40X14.2 cm

Heavy Duty Aluminum Ramp For Loading Excavators, Trailers, Tractors, Harvesters and Cars

With the wide application of excavators in the digging of groundwork for constructions, channels, waterways, etc., the transportation of excavators has also become very frequent, therefore, a tool for loading the excavator onto the trailer is very necessary. The heavy duty ramps offered by our company have been developed for this purpose. The ramps applies high strength aircraft aluminum of national standard which guarantees that the tensile strength, compressive strength and shear strength reach the national standard. Furthermore, we use imported aluminum welding and cutting equipment to guarantee the weld depth and width of the ramp are eligible. Simulated mechanical tests are carried out for each ramp before they exit the factory.

Product parameters of heavy duty ramps for excavator

Length (mm)Width (mm)Capacity (T/Pair)

Functions and characteristics of heavy duty ramps for excavator:

1. Easy to install

2. Light material, easy to carry

3. Full specifications with different sizes and capacities, custom specifications also available according to customers’ requirements


Scope of application of heavy duty ramps for excavator:

This ramp is very widely used. It’s suitable for excavators to be loaded and transferred to a different place.