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Outdoor Portable Foldable Mobile Kitchen Cooking Station

Products Mode: K3
Material: Steel+aluminum+smc composite material
Expanded Size: 182*103*42cm
Storge Size: 47*45*53cm
Burner Power: 4KW
Weight: 9.2kg
Box Capacity: 75L
OEM: Accept Your Own Logo customized

Outdoor Portable Foldable Mobile Kitchen Cooking Station

Great camping food starts with having the right equipment in your camp kitchen. camping kitchen box - what we consider to be essential camp cooking gear for car camping.

The Portable Kitchen has a different design than most camp kitchens. It consists of three parts: the first part there’s a 75L capacity underneath the main table as well as a lantern hook and sink, and cutting board.  It actually turns into a suitcase for everything, which is pretty cool. The second part is folding tabletop. There are 3 side tables in total. The third part is a 3kw windproof infrared burner. It only takes 3-5 seconds to heat up the bottom of the pot. Its surface temperature can reach over 1000℃, And not afraid that the flame will blow out. 

Product NameOutdoor Mobile Kitchen
Expanded Size182*103*42cm
Storge Size47*45*53cm
Burner Power4kW
Box Capacity75L
MaterialSteel, Aluminum Alloy, straw, etc.
CompositionBox body, Stove head, Cutting Board, Sink, Table top*2, Light pole

Main Features:

  • One box storage, small body: The storage body is active and small, and it is fully equipped in one box.

  •  Energy-saving fast burner: Use outdoor portable gas cans as fuel, with devices for ignition and adjustment of firepower.   

    (*This item does not include a gas canister)

  •  Folding water basin: Food-grade silicone material is durable and watertight, making it easy to clean all kinds of items.

  • Can be used as a storage box: It has a large storage space of 60L, which can store various utensils.

  •  Cutting Board Designs: Made of top environmentally friendly wheat straw material, easy to cook and easy.