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Network Format Motorcycle Climbing Ladder Ramp

Products Mode: KSC-ATV0015
Size: 2022*275*53mm
Bearing: 181kg
Weight: 13.7kg
Material: Galvanised Steel
Color: Silver, Black
OEM/ODM: Welcome

Network Format Motorcycle Climbing Ladder Ramp

Robust - made of high quality galvanised steel and can hold up to 400 kg or 200 kg per ramp. Corrosion treated ramps.

Practical - Ideal for loading motorcycles, lawn mowers, tractors, quad ATVs and motorized equipment. With non-slip ridges and stabilising plates.

Portable - When folded they take up minimal space and can be put in a car or utility boot and its handle allows you to take it anywhere.

Multi-purpose: loading ramp and access ramp for loading and maintenance work.