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Why flight case under 22 inches

2021-01-03 13:37:22

Friends who fly, especially those who are on business or travel, will consider whether the suitcase can be taken on the plane, that is, the boarding suitcase, and the size. If you can't take the suitcase on the plane, you can only check it. The check-in formalities are quite troublesome. If you are a big bag, there is no way. If you are a small bag, you can't check it without checking it. Today Xiaobian arranges the following information and shares with you the dimensions of the pull rod suitcase that can get on the plane!


We often see the parameters of 20, 22 and 24 inches when purchasing the trolley box. So, how to calculate the inches here? The inches here refer to inches. 1 inch = 2.54cm, 1 inch = 3.3cm.


Next, I would like to introduce you to the specifications of the most common trolley case (reference, not scale):


16 "trolley box size: 31cm * 43cm * 13cm;


17 "trolley box size: 32cm * 45cm * 18cm;


18 "trolley box size: 34cm * 44cm * 20cm;


Size of 20 inch Trolley Case: 34cm * 50cm * 20cm (the total length, width and height is not more than 115cm)


22 "trolley box size: 36cm * 52cm * 26cm;


Size of 24 inch Trolley Case: 38cm * 60cm * 28cm (the total length, width and height is not more than 135). How big is this 24 inch trolley case


Take a closer look at this article;


Size of 28 inch Trolley Case: 48CM * 70cm * 30cm (the total length, width and height is not more than 158)


The above specifications are only for reference. It is important to see the size of the three sides. As long as the size does not exceed 115cm, you can take the aircraft. So, from the above reference size, the suitcase that can take an airplane is generally smaller than 22 inches!


If you want to go sightseeing by plane, you'd better use your own necessity to choose the pull rod aviation box that suits you.


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