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What to Carry in Your Car Tool Box?

2022-07-14 10:32:03

Aluminum tool box.jpgThe things in the car tool box, including aluminum tool box and plastic tool box, are to deal with special situations on the road, which are generally not needed, but are also essential. So what need to carry in car tool box?

1. Jack

The car jack is placed in the car tool box and is used to jack up the body when changing the spare tire. Hydraulic and mechanical jacks are commonly used. The car jack is used to replace the spare tire, and it is convenient to replace the tire when it is broken while driving. When using the vehicle-mounted mechanical jack, be sure to align it with the vehicle's stress position.

2. Take the line of fire

The car's live wire is used to start the vehicle through the battery of other vehicles when the vehicle cannot be started without electricity. During use, it should be noted that the two vehicles cannot have any contact, and the electronic systems of the two vehicles must have the same voltage.

3. Fire extinguisher

Car fire extinguishers are very important vehicle tools, but many car owners do not equip their cars with fire extinguishers, and they will be helpless when danger occurs. If the pointer of the fire extinguisher is in the "refill" area, it means that the gas pressure in the tank is lower than the normal use pressure; if it is in the "overfill" area, it means that the pressure is higher than the normal use pressure. In these two situations, remember to replace the fire extinguisher.

4. Car starting battery

I believe that many of my friends have also encountered the situation that the car is out of power. At this time, if you can't find a second car to help you with the electricity, the general result is to call for rescue. Calling for help and waiting for help takes a lot of time. It would be nice to have an emergency starter power supply in the car. A car starting power supply is a kind of car battery. When the power is exhausted or insufficient, the "car starting power supply can assist the battery to start the vehicle. It can also be used for fast charging. It is an indispensable accessory for the car.

5. Wrench

rench is a commonly used installation and removal tool. Hand tools for turning bolts, screws, nuts, and other threaded fasteners that hold bolts or nuts in openings or holes using the principle of leverage. Like jacks, new cars are generally equipped with tire wrenches. If the owner has some maintenance knowledge, he may wish to carry a set of common maintenance tools with the car. When the tire fails, it can be replaced by itself in time.

6. Trailer rope

The tow rope is the most direct tool that can be rescued on the spot. No matter what kind of environment or what kind of model, you should prepare a set in the trunk. Car trailer ropes are generally made of cloth belts, steel wires, and nylon ropes, and they have both lengths and lengths. The tow rope should choose eye-catching colors, such as yellow, blue, fluorescent green, fluorescent red, etc. At the same time, it is important to note that the faulty car is best driven by an experienced driver, so that it can better respond to emergencies.

7. Safety hammer

In the past, the car glass lift was hand-cranked, so it was rarely equipped in the car, usually only on passenger cars. However, after the electronic lift replaces the mechanical lift, there is a safety hazard when wading in the rain. After the wading is turned off, the window cannot be opened. At present, there are two types of single-function safety hammers and multi-function safety hammers on the market. When the car owner encounters an emergency, if the window needs to be broken, the four corners of the car window should be hit with a safety hammer, because the middle part of the tempered glass is the strongest.

8. Strong light flashlight

A flashlight is a useful tool, and can be of great help at night when you need to inspect your vehicle or find something. It is sometimes necessary to inspect the vehicle during the day, such as the lower part of the cabin, the suspension part or the corners of the interior. Even in the daytime, it is difficult to see clearly. If you need to inspect these parts, it will be much easier to have a flashlight to help. A flashlight that can be directly charged in the car will be better, don't consider the problem of changing the battery, it is environmentally friendly and easy to use. In outdoor activities, it is best to buy one with a brightness of more than 100 lumens, which is enough for both outdoor and car use.

9. Warning triangle

The warning triangle is a very important tool. In the event of an emergency, it is placed behind the car to remind the vehicles behind and avoid secondary accidents. After an emergency occurs on ordinary roads, the warning triangle is generally placed about 50 to 100 meters behind the car. If it is at night or on the highway, it needs to be placed farther away.

10. Tire repair tool

Many experienced drivers have generally experienced tire punctures. When your car is driving on the road, after accidentally puncturing the tire, you need to use the tire repair tool in the car toolbox.

11. Hammer head

The hammer head gives the ground striking force, and sometimes it is necessary to hit hard things.

12. Screwdriver

A screwdriver is a common tool used to tighten or loosen slotted screws. Divided into a word and a cross. But please note that it cannot be used as a woodworking chisel nor as a pry bar.

13. Pliers

There are many types of pliers, and auto repair is generally divided into two types: lithium fish pliers and diagonal nose pliers. Carp pliers, good at gripping flat or cylindrical parts. Diagonal nose pliers for holding parts in tight locations.

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