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Maintenance method of aluminum box flight box

2021-03-29 10:33:54

Aluminum boxes and Flght case are high-quality aluminum alloy boxes used for air transportation and the import and export of precision instruments. Their cost is very high, so users must pay attention to maintenance and try to use them for their service life. The following are the specific methods for maintaining aluminum boxes and air boxes for reference:


1. Every time you use aluminum boxes and air boxes, especially when placing leather products, pay attention to removing dust on the surface of the box. You can protect the cortex of the box by using leather maintenance oil to reduce damage to the leather.


2. Because leather products are undergoing oxidation reactions all the time, if the aluminum box and air box do not pay attention to ventilation, it will accelerate the oxidation of the leather, so it is necessary to regularly and irregularly maintain the leather products.


3. The hardware parts of aluminum boxes and flight cases will be slightly oxidized because they are barely leaking in the air. In such a situation, be sure to wipe them with toothpaste or flour immediately to reduce or even prevent the oxidation of the hardware parts.


4. Pay attention to the pollution of other greasy or corresponding lacquer materials to the air box. Generally speaking, aluminum boxes and air boxes should not be polluted or impacted too much. When using aluminum boxes and air boxes, pay attention to removing the surface and the inside. Stains inside the storage space.


The maintenance methods for aluminum boxes and air boxes are roughly these. Although aluminum boxes and air boxes are processed and manufactured using special aluminum alloy materials, the various properties of the box body have been more significantly improved, but This is only compared to the ordinary aluminum alloy box. The use of aluminum cases and flight cases is mostly associated with many sophisticated instruments and cutting-edge equipment. Users must pay attention to the usual maintenance and maintenance. If there is a problem, it must be remedied in time, otherwise it will affect its normal use or use process. If there is an accident in the middle, then the losses will be even greater.


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