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How to Judge the Quality of Aluminum Alloy Box?

2022-08-11 11:29:35

How to Judge the Quality of Aluminum Alloy Box?

The aluminum alloy box is mainly made of aluminum alloy. Because of its special material, its performance is better than other box materials. It is generally used to transport and protect precision instruments. The aluminum alloy box is composed of four main parts: the aluminum alloy frame, the surface plate, the inner lining plate and the hardware. The quality of the aluminum alloy box is mainly judged by the pros and cons of these parts. So, what are the requirements for each component of the aluminum alloy box? How to judge the overall quality of the aluminum alloy box from the pros and cons of these components? We have made a summary for everyone, let's take a look.

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1. Aluminum Alloy Frame

The aluminum alloy frame is used as the support frame of the aluminum alloy box, and its sturdiness has a direct impact on the aluminum alloy air box. Aluminum alloy profiles are mainly alloys prepared with aluminum, magnesium and silicon as the main elements. Each element has a certain range of content. The price of magnesium is high and low. In order to reduce costs, some manufacturers reduce the amount of magnesium to less. allowable content. Some even go so far as to lower the magnesium content below the lesser amount allowed. Some manufacturers add waste wires and waste pots and waste aluminum pots to the alloy, which is basically not the alloy, resulting in the low mechanical strength of the aluminum profile, which can be so low that it is easy to bend with both hands. When aluminum boxes, aluminum alloy boxes, and air boxes are used as transport packaging or terminal packaging, sturdiness must be required.

2. The Surface Plate

Aluminum box, aluminum alloy box, and air box customization generally use aluminum plate, fireproof plate or BS plate as the surface plate. In addition to increasing the strength of the aluminum box, the surface panel must also be viewable. Now there is a new material of imitation aluminum plate on the market. It is almost indistinguishable from the aluminum plate on the surface. The imitation aluminum plate and the aluminum plate are only similar in shape, but the price is very different. In terms of flatness, cracking, and self-cleaning function Can't compare with aluminum plate.

3. Lining Board

The lining boards of aluminum boxes, aluminum alloy boxes and air boxes are mainly MDF or plywood of various thicknesses. The country has clear environmental protection standards for some boards such as MDF and plywood. At present, the MDF produced by most manufacturers does not meet the environmental protection requirements, and they use a lot of adhesives, which makes the formaldehyde content in the board quite high, which is harmful to human body.

4. Hardware

The proportion of hardware in aluminum case, aluminum alloy case and air case is small, but for aluminum case, aluminum alloy case and air case, it is undoubtedly one of its important components. There are galvanized and chrome-plated hardware on the market. Galvanized hardware is cheap, has a short service time, and has poor corrosion resistance. The surface of chrome-plated hardware is as bright as steel. It is used in aluminum boxes, aluminum alloy boxes and air boxes to increase the grade of the box and prolong the service life of the aluminum box.

The above is the introduction on how to judge the quality of aluminum alloy boxes, I hope to help you in the selection and purchase of aluminum alloy boxes. Some manufacturers are more careless in material selection and production, and the quality of the aluminum alloy boxes produced does not meet the required standards. You must keep your eyes open and choose high-quality and appropriate aluminum alloy boxes according to the requirements and standards of each component.

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