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Aluminum box production and application industry

2021-04-07 08:49:47

The aluminum box in the traditional sense is not the true aluminum box. The traditional aluminum box mainly refers to the aluminum alloy material as the skeleton, the density board (medium fiber board), the plywood (multilayer board), etc. as the inner board, and the aluminum sheet, ABS, PU, fireproof board and other materials are used as the panel, and the box body is combined with three links, mouthpieces, handles, locks and other hardware. Because of its production process characteristics, it can be used without the characteristics of mold opening. It is designed and manufactured according to the customer's non-requirements, and has strong load-bearing capacity, durability, and appearance. It has a wide range of applications in packaging, transportation and storage industries. In recent years, various industries in China have begun to pursue product packaging, transportation and storage, and the application of aluminum boxes has also increased. The main body of the aluminum box is made of high-quality aluminum alloy profiles. It has the characteristics of strong structure, beautiful appearance and good moisture resistance. It is widely used in beauty salons, tool sets, jewelry watches, stages, instrumentation, electronic communications, precision machinery and other industries. It is a high-end Ideal box for instrumentation agent.

The all-aluminum aluminum box is a true aluminum box. The all-aluminum box is divided into two materials: aluminum plate and magnesium-aluminum plate. There are three types of all-aluminum boxes from the manufacturing process: one is splicing, which is spliced using traditional aluminum box technology, which is mainly for instruments and medical equipment; the other is using aluminum sheet drawing technology, which requires molds. Production is mainly used in civilian applications; the last one is the use of roll forming technology, which is made with large-scale roll forming and CNC automation equipment.


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