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6 Different Types Of Toolboxes and Application

2022-07-13 11:33:58

Toolbox is a container for storing tools and various sundries, which can be used for various purposes such as storage, turnover, outdoor storage, maintenance, fishing, camping, etc., and is widely used.

1. Plastic tool box
Made of high-quality ABS/PP engineering plastics, with high strength and impact resistance, it is generally used to store hardware tools, instruments and equipment, etc. It integrates various tools and instruments into one module, which is convenient for use, management and maintenance.
plastic case.jpg

2. Aluminum alloy toolbox
It is an aluminum alloy with magnesium and silicon as alloying elements. Overall it has good mechanical properties and can be heat treated and welded. It is the most commonly used aluminum alloy. The aluminum alloy toolbox is made of aluminum alloy material as the skeleton, ABS, MDF (medium fiberboard), plywood (multi-layer board), etc. The box body, because of its reasonable design structure, meticulous professional workmanship, strong bearing capacity, durable, beautiful appearance and other characteristics, has a wide range of applications in packaging and other industries, mainly for foreign applications. The rise of various industries, especially the factors required by the ISO industry, pursue the integrity of product packaging and transportation, and the application of aluminum alloy boxes has also increased. The main body of the chassis is made of high-quality aluminum alloy profiles, which have the characteristics of sturdy structure, beautiful appearance and good heat dissipation performance. It is an ideal box for high-end instruments and meters in industries such as industrial control and precision machinery.
aluminum case.jpg

3. truck toolbox
The car toolbox refers to the tools that assist the car owner to deal with these problems in the event of a breakdown or accident. Generally, it includes emergency hammer, first aid kit, large-capacity fire extinguisher, foldable reflective warning sign, vehicle inverter, electric live wire, vehicle fuse, air pump, walkie-talkie, waterproof tape, insulating tape, tire-free repair tool, tow ropes, etc.
car toolbox

truck toolbox is a kind of box container used to store auto repair tools. Chepinhui focuses on the auto supplies service market. The auto supplies and service market is becoming more and more segmented, and the auto toolbox also presents various forms. , for example: blister box packaging. It is characterized by small size, light weight, easy to carry and easy storage.
Storage items: air pump, flashlight, medical emergency kit, trailer rope, battery cable, tire repair tool, inverter and other tools. These are all necessary tools for riders to drive. They are placed in the box and can be easily used when driving.
tool box.jpg

4. Entity Toolbox
A collection of tools, a box for storing various tools with different functions and roles. Such as: medical toolbox, repair toolbox, etc.

5. Tin Toolbox
Divided into portable, two-drawer and tipping toolboxes. Made of galvanized phosphating steel plate, strong and durable. The top cover has a drawer lock function, and the top handle is easy to carry

6. Network Toolbox
Designed for virtual networks Different network toolboxes have different functions, mainly including optimizing the network, maintaining the network, and creating the network. It is convenient for the public to better integrate into the network

1 Do not stand on the toolbox or drawer to avoid accidents;
2. The weight of the object should not exceed the maximum bearing weight of the drawer;
3 Please wear gloves when using tools to avoid being scratched by sharp or rough objects;
4 When choosing a toolbox, you should choose a certified toolbox, such as the well-known certification is the German VPA certification
5Plastic toolbox, generally made of engineering plastics, do not hit with hard objects to prevent cracking;
6 Iron toolbox, instant noodles are mostly painted or galvanized, etc., do not use hard objects to carve the surface;
7 When storing items, put them in order to increase their storage space

Application field
1. The staff's portable toolbox, the ear picker's stainless steel toolbox, the repairman's repair toolbox, the doctor's medicine box, etc.
2. Auto 4S stores, when building a 4S store, will be equipped with a certain number of toolboxes to facilitate the use of tools and improve efficiency.
3. Large-scale factories: Most of the large-scale factories are assembly line operations, and it is quick and convenient to use a small toolbox;
4. Passenger car and aircraft manufacturing enterprises: Large-scale passenger car and aircraft manufacturing enterprises have relatively high environmental requirements for tool workshops, and at the same time, the workstations are relatively large, so they must be equipped with a certain toolbox. 5. Other fields are involved. the possibility of

development trend
With the continuous development of the economy and the change of thinking, the user's requirements for the toolbox are also getting higher and higher, which makes the toolbox have a great development, not only in appearance, but also in the use of materials. The toolbox is not only convenient to store, but also easier to manage and carry, making it the first choice for tool users!

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