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Aluminum Dog Box

KASSICO offers various aluminum dog boxes by customzied design, size, thickness, logo and packing as your request. Each of our dog boxes boasts a corrosion-resistant aluminum construction, The inclusion of stainless steel, key-operated T-handles on each door ensures both dependable security and enduring corrosion resistance. To ensure optimal comfort, a vented design is integrated, promoting adequate airflow for your dogs.
- 2.0mm thickness robust aluminum plate
- 3-sided vented design ensures exceptional airflow,
- Insulated top compartment creates a strong barrier of insulation
- Stainless steel T-handle lock that guarantees strength and security
- A practical carrying rail situated on top of the dog box facilitates easy and convenient handling.
- The inclusion of cleanout ports simplifies maintenance and cleaning.
- The welded rail serves offering both convenient tie-down points for dogs and a means of securely fastening the box to truck side rail tiedowns.