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UV color printing on aluminum box

2020-06-04 07:53:21

UV color printing technology can be very good in the aluminum box material coloring, which makes the appearance of the aluminum box more ornamental.

What are the characteristics of UV curing? What are the requirements for aluminum paint?

1. Fast curing speed, can be fully cured in seconds to 10 seconds, suitable for construction under various conditions.

2. There is no VOC emission, because it is photochemical reaction and solidified into film, there is no VOC emission in the process.

3. It can be used in wood, paper, cloth, leather, plastic, metal, concrete, etc.

4. Low energy consumption, because of the curing speed and the use of ultraviolet lamp, the power consumption is very low, and even some can be constructed in daylight, almost no energy consumption.

Requirements for aluminum pigments:
1. Must be environmentally friendly. Because UV curing coatings must be environmentally friendly and VOC free, the VOC of aluminum pigment must be strictly controlled

2. It shall not contain fatty acids. Because fatty acid and UV resin are easy to produce flocculation reaction, which will damage the storage stability.

3. Quick drying capacity. Because the  curing time of UV coating is very short, it is required to be able to dry quickly after spraying, which requires fast drying or solventless aluminum pigment.

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