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Purchase of Aluminum Cases

2019-05-14 14:50:44

It is unavoidable for us to take a lot of things with us when we travel, so it is very important for us to choose a good aluminium case for carrying things. Here are some things about purchasing aluminium cases. Before going on a trip, they will be given to you all for a reward.

The aluminium case can be divided into large aluminium case and small aluminium case according to its volume and use. Large aluminium case refers to all kinds of air case and tie rod case that people carry when they go outto study, travel and work on business. Here we mainly talk about aluminium case.

Large aluminium case can be divided into soft case x and hard case according to its material. Hard aluminium case includes double-sided aluminium material case, ABS case and PP case.Secondly, the specifications and sizes are selected.

  The first is to check whether the surface of the case is smooth and free of scars; the second is to check whether the edges and corners of the case are smooth and not rough, and if there is an aluminium alloy angle, check whether the package is firm; the third is to pull the case up a few steps to confirm whether the bottom wheel is flexible and the steering ability is not strong. Wheels are very important, we should choose multiple rows of wheels and rubber wheels. Because of rough handling on the plane, it is easy to damage the wheels. Fourth, press the button and pull out the pull rod to see if it is easy to put in and function well. Fifthly, if it is a hard case, put the box flat and put a heavy object on the case shell so that we can stand on the box and try it out. If the quality of the box is up to standard, then, There is absolutely no problem. Sixth, the most important thing is to check the performance of the lock, pay attention to the formal password adjustment, we must choose a number that is easy to remember and not easy to forget. Otherwise, if we can not open the box, we can only rush.

If some friends want to go out, but do not know what kind of aluminium case to buy, if you want to go abroad for further study or work, then the size of 30 - 32 inch super large airbox is your ideal choice.

To choose an aluminium case, we should select it according to the actual needs. Firstly, the size and specifications of the aluminium case to be purchased should be determined according to the specific conditions. Remind you that if you want to travel by air, you must not carry more than 21 inches of boxes with you, otherwise you can't carry them with you, you must go through the check-in procedure.

The maintenance method of aluminium case is very simple, as long as it is not close to fire source and corrosive articles and prevents man-made damage.

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