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How to choose high quality flight case?

2021-01-03 13:16:39

1. it is the different choice of the size and volume of the flight case. Due to the different travel environment, time and traffic, the appropriate model can be selected according to the above factors.


2. According to the different requirements of materials, the general travel air case can be divided into two kinds of materials, soft case and hard case. The hard box is mainly made of aluminum, chemical polymer and injection molding materials, which is safe and light. It also has excellent moisture-proof performance, corrosion resistance, and ensures the safety of stored goods. If you travel, you need to bring some digital products, such as digital cameras, MP3, computers, etc. it is most appropriate to choose a hard type air box. In addition, if the item is too heavy, you can choose an aircraft box with handle and roller accessories.


3. To comply with the relevant provisions and standards of transportation, if it is to travel by air, the general selection of the air box should not exceed 20 inches, otherwise it can not be carried around, and it needs to be managed by consignment.


4. If you travel with a lot of food, you can choose an air box with high ventilation, which can ensure the quality of food and avoid bacterial infection.

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