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How can do if you forgot aluminum case lock password ?

2019-09-05 15:36:09

In order to protect the safety of internal objects, many aluminum cases have password locks. The password lock is installed directly on the aluminum case, which saves the trouble of carrying locks alone. But what if the password is forgotten? Here are two tips for aluminum case manufacturers:


Aluminum case password lock unlocking skills:

Method 1: Find a place with good light (or with a flashlight), look at the iron sheet under the password finger wheel. Take a serious look, you will find a small gap, three notches are pointed to the left, and then each number is subtracted three (five) to the left, which is the password. But the secret keys of pull-rod cases of different brands are different.


Method 2: Focus the runner of the password case on the place where the light is strong, look inside from the crack side of each runner, slowly turning the runner, you can see that there are two holes on the runner, and add 5 to the big holes, which is the password of the runner. For example, the holes of the three runners are on 240, the password is 795 (2+5=7,4+5=9,0+5).= 5)


Aluminum case password locks have different security levels, so high security security locks generally avoid these, which may require violent unlocking.

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