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Flight Case Characteristics & Types

2019-07-12 09:32:17

Flight case can be divided into wood fireproof board case, ABS case, pure aluminium case, stainless steel case, vacuum aluminium case and so on. Then flight case is essentially different from traditional ones, such as aluminium die-casting box, injection box, ABS box, roll-forming box and so on. Flight case can be selected according to customer's requirements. It can choose many kinds of materials for production, such as multi-ply splint, ABS plate, aluminum plate, stainless steel plate, hollow plate and so on, so as to avoid the cost of mould, while the traditional packing box usually needs to open mould, so it can not choose multiple materials.


External structure of flight case: It is composed of PBS fire-proof board, ABS, aluminium board and stainless steel board with multi-layer splint. Aluminum alloy profiles with certain thickness and strength are used at each side of the box structure. Each corner of the box is connected and fixed with L-type aluminium alloy edge and plate with high strength spherical angle. The bottom of the outer box is strengthened and selected at the same time. It is composed of polyurethane wheel or rubber wheel with strong bearing capacity and high wear resistance coefficient. Internal structure: the box body can be installed with shock-proof isolation board according to product characteristics, and the inner side of the box and the isolation board are affixed with soft EVA or IXPE shock-proof material, which has light weight, heat preservation, shock-proof, moisture-proof, anti-oxidation, sealing and functions.



The interior and exterior structure and materials of the flight case determine the effects of fire protection, waterproof, shock proof, anti-corrosion and convenience for maneuvering of the airbox. The advantages are exhaustive, while the diversity of material colors on the surface of the airbox is more beautiful visually. Shinkansen Aluminum Box has many years of design experience, high-precision production equipment and excellent manufacturing technology. It has a high reputation in the field of aviation box manufacturing. The aviation box manufactured by Shinkansen Aluminum Box has many advantages, such as diversity of styles, beautiful cabinet, safety, reliability, convenience, mobility, excellent sealing, high cushioning and strong firmness. Air transportation, railway transportation, highway transportation and sea transportation are widely used.

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