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Aluminum box welding technology

2020-05-18 09:31:24

It is understood that this technology is widely used in all aspects of aluminum box welding production. Let's introduce the latest welding technology in detail.

One choice of welding wire: 301 pure aluminum welding wire and 311 aluminum silicon welding wire are generally selected.

Second, select the welding method and parameters: generally, the left welding method is used, and the welding torch and workpiece form a 60 ° angle. When the welding thickness is more than 15mm, the right welding method shall be used, and the welding torch and workpiece shall form a 90 ° angle.

Preparation before welding: strictly clean the oxide film on both sides of the weld groove by chemical or mechanical methods.

For mechanical cleaning, pneumatic or electric milling cutter, scraper, file and other tools can be used. For thin oxide film, 0.25mm copper wire brush can also be used for grinding to remove oxide film.

IV. welding shall be carried out immediately after cleaning. If it is placed for more than 4h, it shall be cleaned again. Characteristics of aluminum and aluminum alloy materials in aluminum box: aluminum is a silver white light metal, with good plasticity, high conductivity and thermal conductivity, as well as anti-oxidation and anti-corrosion ability. Aluminum is easy to oxidize to produce aluminum oxide thin film, which is easy to produce inclusions in the weld, thus destroying the continuity and uniformity of the metal, reducing its mechanical properties and corrosion resistance.

The welding difficulty of aluminum and aluminum alloy material in aluminum box: easy to oxidize. In the air, aluminum is easy to oxidize with aluminum, forming dense aluminum oxide thin film, with high melting point, which is far higher than the melting point of aluminum and aluminum alloy. The density of alumina is 3.95-4.10g/cm3, which is about 1.4 times that of aluminum. The surface of alumina film is easy to absorb moisture. During welding, it hinders the fusion of basic metals, and it is easy to form defects such as porosity, slag inclusion and lack of fusion, which results in the degradation of weld performance.

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