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Aluminum Case Structure and Types

2019-07-12 09:24:19

Aluminum case generally consist of splints, aluminium materials, hardware, shockproof layer and wheels. Here we introduce the structure of these cases.

1. Splint: The requirement of splint for aluminium box is very high, which directly determines the quality of aluminium case itself. In order to reduce the cost of aluminium case, some poor merchants use materials that do not meet the requirements and reduce the service life of aluminium case.

2. Aluminum material: The aluminium material of the aluminium case determines the framework of the aluminium case. The thickness of the aluminium material determines the appearance of the aluminium case and the stability of the aluminium case. Aluminum cases are made of alumina, which is more durable.

3. Hardware: The thickness of aluminium case hardware affects the use time of aluminium case. At present, most manufacturers like to use the aluminium case plated with relief, because the aluminium box plated with relief is more beautiful, but the aluminium case plated with relief is not strong and easy to rust. The galvanized aluminium box has an ordinary appearance, but it is durable and rust-proof.

4. Shock-proof layer: The shock-proof layer in the aluminium box decides the degree of shock-proof for the articles it carries. The high hardness of the shockproof layer will affect the shockproof effect of the aluminium box. The low hardness of the shockproof layer will affect the service life of the aluminium box.

5. Wheels: Aluminum case wheels have many kinds, such as load wheels, PU wheels, PVC wheels, etc. Whether the aluminum box wheels are good or bad determines whether the aluminum case can be transported normally.

Aluminum cases are strong, beautiful and convenient. Aluminum boxes are widely used in instruments, electronics, jewelry, smart cards, communications, automation, precision machinery, sensors, industrial control and other industries. The following is an introduction to the types of aluminium cases:

1. Tool case

The surface material of the tool case is made of aluminium sheet or aluminium profile. The tool case has the advantages of wear resistance, oxidation resistance, temperament, non-penetration, shock resistance and moisture proof.

2. Cosmetic case

Cosmetic case are generally composed of non-woven fabrics and aluminium frames. Cosmetic cases are beautiful, practical and generous, and are popular with women. There is an aluminum movable bracket in the cosmetic case, which can be lifted freely and used conveniently.

3. Instrument case

The surface of the instrument case is made of aluminium sheet and the inside of the box is made of shock-proof material, which can effectively protect the articles from shock absorption damage. The universal wheel can be installed in the instrument box, which is convenient to use.

4. Trolley case

The surface of the Trolley case is made of aluminium sheet, which is reliable and beautiful, and can meet the needs of different occasions. The Trolley case is a necessary product for home travel.

5. Flight Case

The surface of the Flight Case is made of flame retardant material, which can be fireproof, waterproof, acid and alkali resistant. The wall of the case is made of joint-venture board, and the shock absorber material is used in the case, with universal wheels and handles.

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