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it is the different choice of the size and volume of the flight case. Due to the different travel environment, time and traffic, the appropriate model can be selected according to the above factors.
The aluminum alloy instrument case shall be made of aluminum plate or aluminum corrugated plate composite solid wood plate, with aluminum alloy accessories and frame riveting.
Aluminum box is divided into aluminum framed case and full aluminum box.
There appear to be many misconceptions about the differences between polyurethane and polyethylene foam. Here are some facts to help guide you in understanding how these foams differ in their specifications
UV color printing technology can be very good in the aluminum box material coloring, which makes the appearance of the aluminum box​ more ornamental.
Coated aluminum box is a kind of box made of coated aluminum profiles by aluminum box manufacturers. There are two common ways to pretreat the surface of aluminum box: chromic acid passivation and phosphating. The main function of chromating is to prevent
Aluminum case, which is made of high-quality aluminum alloy profiles, has the characteristics of solid structure, beautiful appearance and convenient use. It is widely used in beauty salon, tool combination, jewelry watch, stage, instrument, electronics,
Aluminum case mainly refers to the aluminum alloy material as the framework, ABS, MDF, plywood (multi-layer board) as the panel, with frame, corners, handle, lock and other accessories combined into the case.
KASSICO, a leading aluminum box factory in Ningbo, China, Have 18 years' production experience, specializes in aluminum boxes, cases, and containers, and offers a wide-range of standard box sizes and custom box sizes to customers around the world. Our eng
refers to the tool to assist the owner to deal with these problems in the event of a fault or accident. Generally included emergency hammer, first aid kit, large-capacity fire extinguisher, collapsible reflective warning sign, car inverter, over-fire line
Full aluminium sheet has good strength, rigidity and dimensional stability, provide important natural materials for aluminium box. KASSICO aluminium box has the characteristics of anti-corrosion, waterproof, collision-proof, acid-proof, alkali-proof, comp
In order to protect the safety of internal objects, many aluminum cases have password locks. The password lock is installed directly on the aluminum case, which saves the trouble of carrying locks alone. But what if the password is forgotten? Here are two
​Flight case can be divided into wood fireproof board case, ABS case, pure aluminium case, stainless steel case, vacuum aluminium case and so on. Then flight case is essentially different from traditional ones, such as aluminium die-casting box, injection
Aluminum case​ generally consist of splints, aluminium materials, hardware, shockproof layer and wheels. Here we introduce the structure of these cases.
How often do you use your toolbox? If you find that you occasionally use tools, you can consider a simple plastic toolbox, if you are self-made, then a plastic toolbox will not cut interest rates for you. What you need is a heavy responsibility, metal too
aluminium instrument case is a kind of protective case for precision devices. For example, important instruments or small precision devices need to be protected at all times. They can not be damaged at all, otherwise they will cause a lot of unnecessary t
Whether you are a contractor, a construction worker, or just a convenient repairman. You also have a lot of tools, and you need a secure place to store and organize them while keeping them available. This is where the truck toolbox comes in.
Kassico Aluminum Storage Cases are light weight, durable and stackable, used for transporting and storing valuable or vulnerable instrument, equipment, medical devices, tools etc. Also for all areas in daily-use, these boxes perform endurably. If desired