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 Custom Ute Canopy & Tray Manufacturer

KASSICO offers a selection of high-quality aluminum ute tool boxes and ute canopies tailored to meet the needs of electricians, carpenters, plumbers, builders, and campers, all at remarkable prices. These products encompass everything you could require for your ute, truck, or trailer. Our diverse range of offerings ensures that you'll discover the ideal storage solutions to safeguard your tools within your work vehicle, thanks to our extensive product lineup.

Crafted from top-tier aluminum, our tool boxes are characterized by their superior quality and robust construction. This, in combination with our meticulously designed locks and accessories, results in products that boast exceptional strength, heightened security, weather resistance, and an impressive aesthetic.

Welcome OEM & ODM, Provide Customized Size, Color, Thickness, Logo & Packing as your request.