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Custom Heavy Duty Vehicle Ramps Manufacturer

KASSICO is a professional aluminum loading ramps manufacturer and supplier in China, We offers a vast selection of heavy duty ramps for many different types of applications. Our durable, lightweight aluminum ramps are available to load trucks, harvester, snowmobile, service vehicles, semi tractors, wheel loaders, tractor trailers, skid steers, pavers, dozers, excavators, military equipment, MRAPs and so much more !  If you have a need for a heavy duty ramp, we have a solution for you!The lowest Heavy-Duty aluminum ramp we manufacture for the hauling industry is rated at 6000kg max axle capacity. Every type of ramp we manufacture is tested on our hydraulic press in order to make sure it exceeds the capacity we rate them at.  We make sure your safety comes first ! If you need a greater capacity ramp we can do that for you.