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Aluminum Medical Case

Aluminum first aid cases are designed to contain all of the materials required to meet Health & Safety regulations.these cases can used for family health care and doctor on call.

As we all know, when it comes to emergency of life and death, the fast you can do the first aid treatment the more possiblity you can save lives. So well-organized and complete medical instruments and tools can save you lots of time and meanwhile you may save more lives.

KASSICO aluminum first aid cases are highly durable and sturdy,  with an ability to withstand intense pressure. Material and size can be customized according to your specific requirements.Customized foam can set your first aid tools in a conventional place that allows you to reach them quickly.

KASSICO aluminum first aid cases have several advantages:
All cases you need are customized equal to your requirements;
High quality aluminum alloys and other raw materials purchased from best suppliers;
Handles, locks, panels, foams are all in high quality and can be used for long term;
Aluminum alloy and ABS material make our cases lighter yet more durable, sturdier and stronger.
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